I was approached by Amsterdam based eyewear brand Ace & Tate to create a permanent neon installation in their first Irish store opening on Exchequer St. For this I took inspiration from Dublin itself, we have a rich literary history and one of the most interesting things about Dublin is that you go from the countryside, to the city and out to the seaside all in the space of 40 minutes. The combination of these elements meant that the James Joyce quote painted on to a wall in Dún Laoghaire would be perfect. 

This project then developed further and I was asked to collaborate with photographer Ellius Grace and District Magazine to create a special zine celebrating the launch of the store. Five prolific Dubliners were featured in the zine as means to portray what contemporary Dublin is today. Each person was assigned a colour to represent them and their energy throughout the zine.

Year: 2018

Client: Ace & Tate

Type: Print, Installation