After listening to and researching Mozart’s La Finta Giardiniera, there were a few aspects to the opera that jumped out at me. Particularly the overwhelming confusion and melancholy of nearly all the characters, especially Sandrina and Belfiore.

My display and support type both reference the classical opera era while my hand drawn type is loud, playful and contemporary. The hand drawn type emulates the drama and chaos in the lives of the characters. I chose to only allude to the garden aspect of the opera through a saturated green, in keeping with the contemporary feel. The headless woman seen in my imagery represents Sandrina, as she is in a disguise and hiding away from Belfiore for the majority of the opera, her ex-lover / would-be murderer, who is the man in my imagery, where you can see he is extremely distressed. 

Year: 2017
Client: RIAM Dublin

Discipline: Art Direction, Photography & Hand Lettering